Client Appreciation

“It was a pleasure working with Chelsea on styling for an upcoming trip. She was professional and prompt. I told her the overall vibe/style that I was going for and she came back with several great options. In cases where I knew the look I wanted, she searched high and low until finding the pieces I needed to create the look. I loved that she was able to find similar options in different price ranges.” 

— martina j.

“Confession: I have way too many clothes. I knew this before I won a session with Chelsea to do a closet cleanse but now I KNOW I have a lot of clothes. Cleansing my closet with Chelsea was awesome, I had an opportunity to really sit down and discuss what do I want to wear? How do I want to look? What describes my style?”

— angelica h.

“During my personal shopping experience, Chelsea went over and above to ensure that I left the store with multiple options to enhance my style. I ended up buying a number of items that Chelsea suggested. It was very uplifting to receive the numerous compliments. Overall, I feel that working with Chelsea has improved my confidence and enhanced my personal brand.”

— stanley w.

I’m all about organization, but when it comes to my closet that’s one of my down falls.  during my closet cleanse, Chelsea suggested that i get new hangers…ones that match.  All I could think was how do I even know how many to buy?  She started with my summer clothes and counted each item.  Then she counted my winter clothes… never thought of doing it that way.  I purchased several packages of nice hangers… she re-hung all of my clothes, separating tops by short sleeve to long sleeve, pants by style & length and dresses by style, etc. What a difference that made in my closet. 

— salathia w.